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Links are very important part of the HTML page. The Hyperlinks can be used to open a window in the same page or a new windows.


<a href="url">Link Name</a>

Where to open the link

Attributes value Example Description
target _black <a href="" target="_black">Learnings</a> open a new window tab for the link document
target _self <a href="" target="_self">Learnings</a> open at same window. (default)
target _parent <a href="" target="_parent">Learnings</a> open the linked in the parents frame
target _top <a href="" target="_top">Learnings</a> Remove all the frames, and loaded document to the top window.
target _frame_name <a href="" target="frame_name">Learnings</a> specifies the frame name where the linked for a new window should be loaded.

Example 1

<a href="">Google</a><br/>
<a href=""></a><br/>